Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Last night was quite enjoyable.  It was the first time I felt at home in Albuquerque.  A group of us went to a brewery to see a bluegrass band play for New Year's Eve.  The band turned out to be quite good and a very friendly group of guys.

It was actually kind of funny because I'd seen two of them earlier in the day.  I went to a coffee shop down the street from my house to have brunch and read a book.  A woman and a guy were singing and playing guitar and fiddle.  I struck up a conversation with the woman and she seemed really sweet.  I noticed she was with two men but didn't really speak to them.  When I arrived at the brewery I recognized the two men!  So I went and introduced myself to them and a bit later the woman I had chatted with showed up.

Not only did I see some objectively good music, but I met a couple of new friends!  Hooray for making my own friends and not meeting people through the biblically named guys I'm dating.

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